Q: Do we guarantee our work?

A: We guarantee complete customer satisfaction on all products and services. Our guarantee is further explained below in the "Do you offer refunds on products and/or services" FAQ.

Furthermore, we want your experience to be everything you wish it to be. We will do everything necessary in order to make our customers happy with results found only in the world's finest salons. If a customer is ever dissatisfied, or finds they cannot resolve an issue to their immediate satisfaction, the owners of 'LEVEL 35' would like to know about the problem, immediately, so we may immediately assist in a speedy and satisfactory solution. Owners can be reached at any given time throughout the day. Feel free to simply ask to speak with an owner if you feel a situation warrants it.

We desire nothing short of complete and total customer satisfaction for you, our valued customers!


Q: Where are you located... How do I get there... What are your hours of operation?

A: 285 Hydraulic Ridge Rd, Suite 1

Charlottesville, Va. 22901

( Republic Business Center )



Take U.S. Highway 29 in Charlottesviile:

Coming from the direction of UVA - turn left onto Greenbriar Drive... or if you're driving from the Fashion Square Mall -- driving south on 29 -- then turn right onto Greenbriar Drive. (There is a Shell station and convenience on one corner of the intersection, and an Exxon station/convenience/car wash across the street on the other corner of the intersection)

Drive to the end of Greenbriar Drive to the STOP sign at Whitewood Rd, and turn left onto Whitewood Rd (Greenbriar ends at Whitewood). Drive Whitewood Rd. to just before the next stop light/intersection and we're in the last building complex on your left before the stop light/intersection. It's the brick building with the round, green awnings over each suite door.

The complex is named the 'Republic Business Center.'

Turn left onto Hydraulic Ridge Rd (just before the center -- looks more like an uphill driveway into the center than an actual road), then take an immediate right into our parking lot. 'LEVEL 35 hair co.' will be the very first business (Suite 1)... and we're in the closest end suite, next to the group of mail boxes.

If you have problems finding us, or you're coming from a different area or location, please call us at  (434) 973-2324, and one of our staff will be more than happy to assist in further directing you our way, and/or in answering any furtherr questions you may have.


Hours of operation are as follows:

Tuesday thru Friday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Closed Sunday & Monday


Q: Do I need to make an appointment?

A: It is not mandatory that you schedule beforehand, walk-ins are always welcome. However, in order to be guaranteed service at a particular time -- especially if you have a stylist preference -- scheduling is advisible. This is especially true when considering spa-related services. Certain lengthy spa-related services require adequate preparation beforehand.

Q: How far in advance should I schedule?

A: Always feel free to attempt same-day appointments. Yet, whenever possible, try to schedule 2-3 days in advance. Prebooking future appointment before leaving is good also, whenever schedules allow.

Another item of note... packages and group bookings (wedding parties, etc.) take longer to coordinate. A minimal of one week os advisible when considering these types of options.

Q: What is our cancellation policy?

A: We request you provide [at least] 24-hours notice for any cancellation. We realize there are circumstances -- emergencies and such -- where advance notice of cancellation is not feasible. Yet, please keep in mind, when you casually cancel an appointment without giving us reasonable notice, you have occupied a stylist's time and taken a space another customer could have had at that time or with that particular stylist... often leaving 1-3 hours with no adequate way of filling that time slot you formerly occupied.

Our professionals' salaries are based on commission... when someone cancels at the last minute and that appointment space cannot be filled you have caused that person to lose valuable time and income which often times is not easily recovered. We ask you be mindful of this fact before casually cancelling an appointment. Repeating "no shows/no calls" will be charged 50% the cost of the original scheduled service, and you may be asked to prepay for any future appointments.

Q: Do I need to make a deposit [guarantee] on appointments?

A: We require deposits only for all lengthy spa procedures, service packages, group parties and -- as stated in the previous section -- for frequent "no-shows/no calls."

Q: Am I required to undress completely  for a spa service?

A: Your personal comfort is most important to us. Our staff is trained to provide a high level of comfort and privacy during your visit. Feel free to wear undergarments such as underwear, bathing suits, etc., during treatments... whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Keep in mind however, items of clothing may get oily, product-soiled and/or wet during treatments... and we do provide an array of disposible garments. We cannot be held responsible for personal clothing damaged during a treatment if it is worn at your choice. Clients should always feel completely free to voice their individual needs, concerns and preferences before, during and after treatments. Again, it is your complete and total comfort during services/treatments we are most concerned with.

Q: Do you have a cellphone preference?

A: LEVEL 35 attempts to promote a fun, energetic, relaxing and refreshing urban atmosphere to all. Over the years we have discovered most of our customers would prefer not to hear the constant ringing of cellphones. After all, and to a certain extent, our customers come to- not only have a particular service performed, but to relax -- enjoy their visit and "get away" for awhile. For the comfort and satisfaction of all, we ask that you set your phone's ringer to silent (vibrate) or completely off, if your sutuation allows. Our intent is in no way to inconvenience our valued customers... that includes all. Yet, In a case of necessity, please keep personal phone conversations as quiet and as brief as possible.

Thank you... we truly appreciate your consideration regarding this matter.

Q: Is child care available?

A: While we do everything possible to accomodate our customers in every way, we are not able to offer child care at this time, nor can we be held responsible for a child's actions and/or safety. We ask you to maintain control over young children at all times. Please don't allow them to run around freely, unsupervised. As with any other place of business, there are many ways in which an unsupervised child could do harm to themselves and/or others. We care for our customers' and their families' well-being... that assuredly includes your "little ones." Yet, again, we cannot be held responsible or liable in any way, shape or form for the actions of unsupervised children, nor will we be held responsible for their safety in the case of a lack of parental/guardian supervision resulting in accidental injury, death, or any such parent/guardian-preventable circumstance.

Q: Do you offer refunds on products and/or services?

A: We offer exchanges on products for either a store credit, or another product of equal value to that of product exchanged. There are absolutely no refunds for Gift Certificates. However, they can be altered to accomodate another person.

We completely guarantee our work. Yet, in the event of a wanted service refund, you must first allow us to try and remedy whatever you're not happy with... and we will do so free of any further charge(s). Should you refuse to allow us the chance to remedy whatever may have caused your dissatisfaction, you will be given a full refund. However, in which case, we reserve the right to refuse you service in the future. We go out of our way to give all of our customers the service they so rightly deserve. If you absolutely refuse to allow us an attempt to remedy your problem, the owners of 'LEVEL 35 hair co., LLC' assure you it will not be because we did not do everything within our power to accomodate you in every way.

This has been our policy from the very beginning.

Please understand our refund policy. We are devoted to complete customer satisfaction, and complete customer fairness in any rare situation which could arise.

Q: What if I wish/need to voice a concern I do not feel can be addressed by my service professional?

A: We are here to serve everyone in the most professional manner possible. Iff you experience any action or situation you think was less than absolutely and completely professional, we, the owners of 'LEVEL 35 hair co., LLC' would like to know about it immediately. All of our employees are professionals, and are to conduct themselves in a helpful, friendly, courteous, and professional manner at all times, no exceptions. If you feel you were treated in a manner inconsistent with this, please feel free to let us know.

Were you greeted properly with a genuine sense of servitude? Were you offered refreshments? Did you have to wait long before being greeted... were you promptly told there would be a delay before waiting?

After your service, were you offered the products needed to best maintain the service you just received until your next scheduled appointment -- by your service professional... by your hostess/coordinator?

Do you feel you were treated rudely and/or handled in a hurried, abrupt way?

All of the above questions are of great concern to us. Anythingregarding and/or less than the above we consider unacceptible treatment, which will never be tolerated at 'LEVEL 35 hair co.' We cannot stress enough just how strongly we feel about our customers being treated in a complete professional, courteous, prompt and helpful manner. Please, let us know if your experience with us was in any way contrary to what you expected or we guarantee above.

In the event of any unacceptible behavior from any of our staff, feel free to call and/or ask to speak with Rhonda Houchens immediately. Rhonda will make sure your needs and concerns are met with diligence.

Thank you for allowing 'LEVEL 35' to serve you. Without you, there is no LEVEL 35!