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3-time winners of competitive national hair and color competitions and promotions by top industry product developers, we are now into 15+ years of serving our friends in the Charlottesville/Albemarle area, providing the very best services and associated product lines our industry has to offer.
Our goals are the same as when we and our enthusiastic, experienced staff opened our doors almost 16 years ago... continuing our dedication as trusted, personal consultants; masters in hair artistry; the best nail, skin and waxing technicians; and the absolute best products needed in order to provide customers the above excellent care they no doubt expect... the care they always deserve.

With faith in one hand, continuing dreams in the other, and the same ambitious and dedicated enthusiasm we started with back in 2001, we're still here for those dreams and visions of that future you... the one envisioned by you.

Still, and as always, we're here just for you!


A brief update of our accomplishments and steadfast future goals... a continuing springboard into our future, together, of course, always with you. Please make, or continue to make LEVEL 35 a part of your hair, skin, nail and fashion future...

"There can never be an US, without YOU!"


Thanks for being a part of us, and a part of our future!